Curing theme park 'Been there, done that' syndrome

Ideas for frequent and experienced theme park goers.
So you’ve practically grown up in your local theme park. Visited so many time you can’t count them even if you tried. After so many times everything starts to become the norm and it's hard to find new thrills inside the park in between new attraction openings. Well, this page is designed for people like you!
Here's some ideas on what you could do to make your regular theme park visits more interesting:
  • Take a new friend
    Touring a theme park alone is never as enriching as taking a friend to experience everything with you. Taking someone who's never been before is highly recommended as you can watch them though the day and see their excitement on each  maiden attractions 'sitting'.
    Some people that you could take with you are:
  • Young family members (especially children over the age of 10)
  • Older members (take your grand parents)
  • School friends (great to catch up and chat in line)
  • Work colleagues (come on employers, show some heart)
"...I have been to Disneyland about 20 times, but last year was the first time my girlfriend has been there.  It makes the experience 100 times better to see someone who has not been there before..."
  • The less fortunate
    Theme parks are out of many peoples reach due to either cost, time or distance. If you are in the position to take someone who can't afford it, do it and see how rewarding it is for all involved.
  • Tick it
    Go on / visit every possible attraction, eat something from every possible food vender/shop/restaurant and buy something form every souvenir store. Tick them off on your park map.
  • Signatures
    Not only collect character signatures but collect employee signatures around the park and get an appreciation of how many people really do work there.
  • Great race
    Follow the task below or set you own:
  • Power rider: Complete the most attractions in the least amount of time
  • Let's do that again: Compleat the most number of 'sittings' of a single attraction in 1 day
  • Circuits: time yourself for the completion of the following attractions, (no pushing in line)
  • Still Photography
    Theme parks can be a beautiful place, well maintained and fantastic gardens and scenery. Pull out your camera and see what creative shots you can come up with that are out of the ordinary and no one has thought of taking.
  • Videoing
    Try making some time lapses or perhaps a documentary on an interesting topic within the park.
  • Cataloguing Attractions
    The following are few different ways you can travel through attractions looking at different aspects of the attractions. There is so much put into each attraction the this may help you find 'extras' that you never noticed.
  • Reviewer
    Comment on each attractions comfort, special effects, music etc  
  • Census official
    Travel through counting the number of characters appearances, songs, animals, etc 
  •  Detective
    Look for surveillance cameras, ride breaks, safety triggers etc.
  • Mapping
    Draw out the geographical route a ride takes.
  • Slow Down
    A lot of emphasis is placed on the riding or attractions and beating queues. If you are a frequent visitor, slow down and soak in the detail of the theme park. Try looking listening and smelling every detail of where you are, even if stuck in line